E-LAB 22共混双螺杆挤出造粒机系列

E-LAB 22共混双螺杆挤出造粒机系列

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  • 型号:   E-LAB 22
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Twin Screw E-Lab serie Co-rotating Twin Screw extruders E-Lab for laboratory use, are available in sizes 22 and 30 mm, screw lengths from 30D to 48D. The high-performance gear units are coupled to high efficiency motors by safety joints, mechanical or electro-mechanical, the barrel is segmented into modules with internal circuit, for the cooling water flow. They have the possibility to be configured with degassing ports or with side feeders for powders or for liquid additives injectors, the screws are assembled on multi-line shafts and configurable with different elements according to the type of material to extrude.

E-lab 22, Lab size, suitable for testing different formulations of masterbatches and compounds or for the preparation of samples. Available in 600 or 800 RPM versions.